spirit level

To find the point of balance, of equilibrium. Imagine the storms the flooding as being the result of human action which prevents nature being in balance.

Ledson's trembling, lyrical, empty scapes seem to suggest a calm, pastoral, safe world where the perspective of the human self seems central and control seem worlds away. 

However an interesting and dynamic reversal takes place. Ledson's tilted horizons cease to suggest peace and safety but rather bring us terrifyingly, dizzyingly, back to the experience of being fragile. 

We are suddenly confronted by how it feels to be alive yet mortal in an uncertain, unquantifiable and dangerous world. These vertiginous images tremble on the edge of darkness and the unknown, and far from being images of peace and safety they suggest unprotected bodies plummeting, like Icarus, into the tumbled horizon. 

The harsh realities of gravity, cradles to hold us. Together these works open up a complex series of ideas about how we live and what we fear and where we are in the universe.

A selection of work: oil on linen / canvas / board  and an installation at the Black Swan


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