a beautiful death


An indecent exposure. Starting with the vestibule,

 a conjoined exchange of genetic information

 starts with a flow of oxytocin from brain

 down the spinal cord, flowing to the

 pudendum - life starts.

 with La petite mort.

MANDALAS        X5

Title:  Reference numbers.

They are made up of drawings of body parts emphasis on the reproductive system.
- male and female - the brain - spine -
Each mandala has 12 sections to it. The Mandalas were completed on the Date: 12 day / 12 month / 2012
making a cycle of time. A repeat of a life cycle from conception to death. A life cycle is a period involving generations succeeding each other through means of reproduction. For something to die - there has to be a life - for life has to have a start.

The collection of Mandalas are hand tinted in my blood and semen.
Semen - start / conception.
Blood - end /death.

Printed:  Somerset archival paper, 

Finish: Signed in blood, stamped and embossed dated 12/12/2012

Size: 75 x 75 cm 

Framed:  white wooden box frames -  artwork float mounted away from the frame.


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